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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

New Seasonal Campers

    1. Available seasonal campsites will be posted on March 15th of each calendar year on KCCA’s social media accounts and the corporate website;
    2. An online application form must be submitted for new seasonal camper requests and the applicant will be asked to identify their top three choices from the posted available campsites along with information of their camping equipment;
    3. The online application process for new seasonal camper requests will remain open for a maximum period of two weeks or until a predetermined number of applications have been received. The maximum number of applications will be determined each year based upon the number of available campsites;
    4. Upon receipt of an application submission, the Conservation Area Coordinator will undertake a preliminary screening process based on the information submitted and a brief telephone interview. An electronic list of applicants who passed the screening process will be generated in no specific order;
    5. The approved applicant list will then be used within a “Randomizer” to generate a random order of priority. The randomizer will be run a total of three times. The outcome that is generated after the third randomizer process will be the final priority list to determine the order of campsite assignment offers;
    6. Staff will then use the final random priority list to begin assigning available seasonal campsites based on their application submission and/or the staff recommended site relying on their camping equipment information. Staff will offer alternate available sites if the applicant’s top three choices have already been assigned to other applicants higher on the priority list;
    7. Staff will contact the applicants by email and/or telephone to confirm their campsite assignment offer. Acceptance of their campsite assignment and payment of full camping fees must be made within one business day of being offered a seasonal campsite;
    8. Once all available seasonal sites have been asssigned and accepted, the remaining applicants will be advised that they will be placed on a waiting list until May 1st of that calendar year;
    9. If an applicant declines their seasonal site assignment, fails to meet the required payment schedule or cancels their seasonal reservation before May 1st, staff will then consider campsite assignments to the applicants on the waiting list following the original randomized order;
    10. The applicant waiting list will be abandoned after May 1st and any applicants who were not assigned a campsite will have to re-apply in the subsequent camping year. It will be at the sole discretion of staff whether any remaining available seasonal campsites will be assigned after May 1st.

30 Amp Campsites
Campsites 206, 208, 212

15 Amp Campsites
Campsites 28, 35, 45, 171, 172 (note: limited to trailers 28’ and under)
Campsites 181, 183 (note: no trailer size restrictions.)

LWCA Campground Map

30 Amp Campsites
Campsites 39, 46, 56, 62, 64, 67, 116, 120, 133, 134, 138, 143

15 Amp Campsites
Campsites 34, 93, 95, 99, 154

Dalewood Seasonal Campsites 2024 Availability Map

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