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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority


Kettle Creek Conservation Authority is now accepting applications for the following job opportunities:

Campgrounds and Conservation Areas

Dalewood, Lake Whittaker, and Significant Areas
Terms vary between May to September

Job Description

This is an opportunity to develop hands-on experiences in customer service, campground maintenance and operations and natural resources management. In this position you will have the opportunity to be assigned to the area that best meets your skill set including either Dalewood or Lake Whittaker Conservation Area campground, trail maintenance or assisting with Kettle Creek Conservation Authority’s many programs and services throughout the operating season of May 1 – September 30.

Crew members are expected to work as part of a team and may be required to share in all aspects of our facility operations including cash handling, safety, maintenance, visitor services and monitoring for adherence to KCCA’s Zero Tolerance Policy, Rules and Regulations. Crew members report to the associated campgrounds Conservation Area Coordinator and/or the Authority’s Maintenance Coordinator.  All crew members must work effectively alone and during non-daylight hours. The majority of work is outdoors and includes weekends, statutory holiday, and nights.

The lifeguard position at both Dalewood and Lake Whittaker Conservation Areas is responsible for the daily operation of the swimming pool facility and its users. The position reports directly to the associated campground’s Conservation Area Coordinator.

Job Description

Dalewood and Lake Whittaker
Term: July and August

Interested candidates must apply using the application form. Recruitment is ongoing. As long as the posting is up, KCCA will continue to accept applicants.
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