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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Stewardship Grants

KCCA works with landowners to provide technical advice and can connect you with financial incentives to implement environmental projects on your property. Contact staff today to discuss your project ideas and arrange a site visit.

KCCA administers two programs that may provide funding to landowners for approved projects:

Kettle Creek Clean Water Initiative

The Kettle Creek Clean Water Initiative can provide the financial means to help landowners undertake stewardship projects that inevitably will benefit the entire watershed and our drinking water source, Lake Erie.

Elgin Clean Water Program

The Elgin Clean Water Program can provide funding to Elgin County landowners to undertake stewardship projects that will benefit the County and our drinking water sources.

Please be sure to contact KCCA before initiating any project for which you wish to apply for a grant.

Staff Contact

Betsy McClure
Stewardship Program Supervisor
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 229

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