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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Planning Services

The Kettle Creek Conservation Authority (KCCA) staff provides written comments to municipalities on applications made under the Planning Act. These applications may include:

  • Official plans and zoning by-law amendments;
  • Plans of subdivisions/condominiums;
  • Severances; and
  • Minor variances.

KCCA has delegated responsibilities with respect to provincial interests regarding natural hazards encompassed by Section 3.1 of the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). These delegated responsibilities require KCCA to review and provide comments on policy documents and applications submitted pursuant to the Planning Act.

KCCA will often see a proposal through our Plan Input and Review Policy & Protocol. Although a permit may not be issued for many years after the planning application, KCCA needs to ensure that the requirements under the regulation process can be fulfilled at the time an application under the Regulation is received.

Policy and Protocol

On average KCCA reviews 100 planning applications in a year. KCCA staff is guided by Provincial Policy as well as KCCA’s Input and Review Policies. When an applicant submits a planning application to a muncipality, the municipality will circulate it to KCCA. If the application falls within KCCA’s area of interest, KCCA will pre-consult with the applicant and the municipality. KCCA staff will outline the information required to support the application.


Staff Contact

Joe Gordon
Manager of Planning & Development
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 226

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