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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Environmental Youth Corps Application

2024 Sample Program Outline

Late April/early May 2024 – Orientation
May/June 2024 – Tree Planting event
June 2024 – Wildflower Plug Planting event
July/August 2024 – Invasive Species Removal event
July/August 2024 – Trail Maintenance event


  • Participants are responsible for their own transportation to each event location.
  • Events will vary in duration – typically 1.5-3 hours.
  • Participants will require sturdy shoes, appropriate clothing, sunscreen, water bottle and snacks. All required equipment will be provided.
  • Participants are eligible for volunteer hours reflecting the hours contributed to events attended.

    1. Applicant Information

    First Name (required)

    Last Name (required)


    Postal Code

    Home Phone

    Cell Phone

    Your Email (required)

    Can we contact you in the future to let you know about other volunteer opportunities with Kettle Creek Conservation Authority? The information collected in this form will be for the purpose of contacting successful applicants, and if identified future volunteer opportunities.

    What high school do you attend?

    If other, please state high school

    What grade are you currently in?

    How did you hear about the Environmental Youth Corps? Choose any that apply. (required)

    If other, please specify

    What do you hope to gain/learn from joining the Environmental Youth Corps? (required)

    What do you hope to contribute to the Environmental Youth Corps? (required)

    2. Emergency Contact Information

    First Name (required)

    Last Name (required)

    Relationship to Applicant (required)

    Emergency Contact Email (required)

    Primary Phone (required)

    Secondary Phone

    3. Additional Information

    Please provide any additional information that may be necessary to provide a safe experience in the EYC program. (i.e. Medical conditions, allergies)

    Will you have a reliable source of transportation to and from project locations near St. Thomas?

    4. Availability

    This program runs throughout the spring and summer and exact dates and times for events will be determined after we receive information on your availability. Please check all that apply.

    Please ensure that you consider your transportation to the events listed at the top of this form when determining your availability.

    Availability from MAY to end of JUNE 2024

    Weeknights (after 4 pm) and Weekends

    Availability from JULY to end of AUGUST 2024

    Weekdays (9 am to 4 pm)

    Weeknights (4 pm to 8 pm)


    To help us schedule events, please list any specific weeks or days that you will not be available.

    Is there anything else you would like to add about your availability?

    I have read and understood the requirements of the EYC program as outlined in this application form. (required)

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