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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Rules and Regulations

These rules, regulations and standards were developed to maintain a level of safety and consistency at both Lake Whittaker and Dalewood Conservation Areas and are based on the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario R.R.O. 1990. All conservation area users are responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations. Violation(s) may result in eviction without refund, a permanent ban and/or fine and the possibility of court action. KCCA enforces a Zero Tolerance Policy. At the discretion of KCCA, permits may be revoked at any time without refund. Conservation area staff are responsible for interpretation and enforcement of these rules, regulations and standards. This is not an exhaustive list.

Hours of Use

  • Closed to day-use visitors at 9 p.m.
  • No permits are sold after 9 p.m.
  • Visitors to campers must enter the park before 9 p.m. and leave by 11 p.m.
  • Quiet time is from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. No excessive noise at any time.
  • Check out time for campers is 2 p.m.
  • Children under 16 years of age must be on their own campsite by 11 p.m.


  • Permitee must be 19 years old and have proof of age.
  • No more than three pieces of equipment per site, only one of which may be a trailer or tent trailer.
  • No more than six persons including the permit holder are allowed on a designated campsite. Permit holder must occupy the site.
  • Campsites are designed for two vehicles per site. All other vehicles, including visitors’ vehicles, must be parked in the designated parking area. Campers wishing to bring in more than one vehicle need to purchase an additional vehicle pass (per day) or a seasonal pass.
  • Camping permits or seasonal passes must be displayed on vehicle dashboards at all times.
  • Campsites must be cleaned before leaving the site; all garbage and recyclable material bagged and put in containers provided.
  • Fires are permitted in designated areas only and must be contained within the designated fire pit. Flame cannot exceed 2 feet in height.• Inform the park staff of any disturbances or emergencies.
  • Inform the park staff of any disturbances or emergencies.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse

  • Alcohol is only permitted on registered campsites. Being under the influence in a public area is prohibited.
  • Alcohol is not permitted in day-use or other public areas.
  • Substance abuse including illegal drugs is prohibited.
  • An alcohol ban is enforced on the Victoria Day Weekend. Open consumption and possession of alcohol will result in eviction without refund.
  • Smoking and alcohol is not permitted in public areas, including pool, playground, washrooms, day-use facilities, beaches, trails, pavilions and Authority buildings.
  • “Smoking” includes the smoking of any tobacco or non-tobacco products such as but not limited to, vapes, cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookah/water pipes etc.


  • All pets are to be on a leash not exceeding six feet and kept under control at all times.
  • There is a maximum of two pets per campsite; owners must pick up after pets.
  • No pets are allowed in swimming or beach areas.

Swimming Areas

  • No glass, food or beverages are allowed in the swimming pool or beach areas.
  • All beaches are unsupervised; use at own risk.
  • No boats are allowed in swimming areas. Only electric motors are permitted. Storage of watercrafts off of campsites must be registered at the gatehouse (fees may apply). Unregistered boats may be confiscated.
  • An adult must supervise all children; KCCA is not responsible for child supervision anywhere in the conservation area, including swimming pools, playgrounds, beaches or trails.

General Rules and Regulations

  • KCCA strictly enforces its Zero Tolerance Policy. Threatening behavior by campers or their pets is unacceptable. No profanity, excessive noise or other unsuitable behavior is permitted at any time. No person shall willfully damage any public or private property, buildings or other facilities.
  • The speed limit in all conservation areas is 15 km/hr.
  • Due to conservation measures lawn watering and car washing are prohibited.
  • Due to electrical demands on individual sites, the use of air conditioners is only allowed on 30 amp (or higher) serviced sites.
  • Fireworks are not permitted.
  • Collecting, cutting, removing or destroying any plant,tree or other living object is strictly prohibited.
  • Feeding wildlife (geese, raccoons, etc.) in the conservation area is prohibited.
  • KCCA is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  • All vehicles, including recreational electronic scooters require a valid KCCA Permit and are only permitted on conservation area roadways only.
  • No motor vehicles are allowed without a valid license plate and insurance. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. No off-road all terrain vehicles are allowed.
  • Golf carts are only permitted to seasonal campers.
  • E-bikes are permitted on conservation area roadways only. Use of e-bikes are prohibited on trail system. All other power-assisted, low speed vehicles are not permitted with the exception of approved assistive devices designed to improve mobility.
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