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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Kettle Creek
Clean Water Initiative

The Kettle Creek Clean Water Initiative provides funding to help landowners undertake stewardship projects in the Kettle Creek watershed. Successful applicants will receive up to 50% of the cost of environmental projects undertaken on their property up to the maximum category grant cap. Eligible project categories include erosion control measures, wetland and riparian habitat restoration, wellhead protection and decommissioning, livestock access restriction, and clean water diversion.

Projects Eligible for Funding Maximum Grant
Erosion Control Measures – Grassed waterways, catch basins, terraces and berms to reduce erosion. $4,000
Well Decommissioning – Properly decommissioning abandoned wells to eliminate the link between surface and ground water. $500
Wetland and Riparian Habitat Enhancement/Restoration/Protection – Retiring fragile land through enhancement or restoration of wetland or riparian features to improve surface and groundwater quality. $3,000
Clean Water Diversion – Berms and eavestroughs to divert clean water from manure and exercise yards. $3,000
Livestock Access Restriction to Watercourses – Fences, crossings and watering devices to eliminate cattle access to watercourses. $3,000
Wellhead Protection – Pitless adapter caps, grading, sealing and upgrading well casings to prevent contamination. $500
Other Projects – Innovative projects that demonstrate improved water quality or overall watershed health. $3,000

To qualify for current funding the following criteria must be met:

– Projects must be within the Kettle Creek watershed.

– Projects must demonstrate an improvement to local surface and/or groundwater quality and/or habitat.

– The landowner must demonstrate good land stewardship practices.

– The landowner must complete and sign an application form.

  1. Please arrange an on-site consultation with the stewardship program coordinator to discuss your project.
  2. Please contact Betsy McClure, KCCA’s Stewardship Program Supervisor, to discuss your project and arrange a site visit.
  3. Staff will present your application to the KCCA Board of Directors for consideration.
  4. Projects that will result in the best benefits to water quality and habitat will be prioritized for funding.
  5. Approved projects will receive funding upon successful completion of the project and staff inspection. All receipts for the work must be submitted.
  6. Please note that in the application form you agree to:
    a. The scope of the project as described.
    b. Submit quotes, paid invoices, cancelled cheques and other related documents for eligible expenses prior to reimbursement.
    c. Allow staff and associates to visit and/photograph the site for monitoring purposes.*
    d. Allow staff to utilize photos for promotional materials.*

    * Staff will request your permission prior to said activities, and these will not interfere with property operations.

Staff Contact

Betsy McClure
Stewardship Program Supervisor
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 229

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