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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Watershed Based Resource Management Strategy

About the Project

KCCA is developing a Watershed Based Resource Management Strategy, a new requirement of the Conservation Authorities Act and Ontario Regulation 686/21. The Strategy will guide and inform the design and delivery of its programs and services. You can be a part of the process by providing input and feedback.

KCCA staff will be using a framework to develop the strategy (right). The first step in the Watershed Strategy process is to develop guiding principles and objectives that inform the design and delivery of programs and services of the Authority. At its March 27, 2024 Full Authority meeting, KCCA’s Board of Directors approved the release of the draft guiding principles and objectives for public review and feedback.

Framework Chart
Strategy Framework

Guiding principles are intended to be high‐level strategic principles or values which establish the fundamental approach to decision‐making for the Authority. These principles will provide the context for the objectives.

KCCA’s Proposed Guiding Principles are:

  1. The conservation, restoration, development and management of natural resources is best implemented on a watershed basis.
  2. Integrated watershed management is a shared responsibility amongst Conservation Authorities, municipalities, government agencies, stakeholders and citizens.
  3. Resource management decisions are integrated and transparent and take into consideration a broad range of community uses, needs, and values, including ecosystem needs.
  4. Water and other natural resources are vital natural assets. They buffer the impacts of climate change, mitigate natural hazards, filter contaminants, assimilate waste, sustain biodiversity, and provide green spaces for recreation, among other community benefits.

Objectives are set to help KCCA achieve its mandate and provide the context for its programs and services.

KCCA’s Proposed Objectives are:

  1. Develop and maintain programs that will protect life and property from natural hazards such as flooding and erosion.
  2. To mitigate potential risk to drinking water sources to assist in providing a sustainable and clean water supply for communities and ecosystems.
  3. To characterize groundwater and surface water resource systems and other natural resources of the watershed.
  4. To protect and maintain Conservation Authority owned lands for public safety, natural heritage protection, outdoor recreation and socio-economic health.
  5. To educate and engage the watershed community to promote awareness of natural hazards and watershed health, and to encourage the protection and restoration of land and water resources through stewardship action.
  6. Demonstrate organizational excellence through the effective and efficient delivery of KCCA’s programs and services in an equitable and respectful manner.

How to get Involved and Participate

  1. Review the proposed guiding principles and objectives for the Watershed Based Resource Management Strategy.
  2. Provide feedback in the tool below.
  3.  Check back frequently to this page for information and updates on the Watershed Based Resource Management Strategy process.

Provide Feedback

Members of the community are welcome to provide feedback below:

Staff Contact

Betsy McClure
Stewardship Program Supervisor
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 229

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