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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Gift A Tree

Plant a tree, in honour or in memory

A donation to KCCA’s memorial tree planting program is a lasting way to honour a loved one, celebrate a special occasion or recognize an accomplishment.

Symbolic tree planting ceremonies are an age-old ritual, spanning many countries and numerous cultures. Putting a healthy, young tree in the ground is a symbol of celebration: representing life, hope, growth and continuity. Tree plantings have been used to mark special occasions, celebrations of life and lives well lived.

KCCA’s Community Forest started in 1999. Over 200 people have been honoured in this way.

For a donation of $80, a large stock tree will be planted in the Kettle Creek watershed in honour of the person named. Trees are native, Carolinian species including species such as Sugar maple, Red oak, White oak, Tulip tree, Eastern redbud and Honey locust but is subject to availability at our nursery. The donor can specify a species from the available list of trees. Trees are planted throughout KCCA’s properties and contribute to the overall biodiversity of the watershed.

Staff Contact
Marianne Levogiannis
Public Relations Supervisor
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 229

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