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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Signage & Access Policy

KCCA manages 500 hectares of recreational holdings that provide for the preservation of the natural environment and recreation. The desire for the public to view and experience the various lands of the Authority must be balanced against the Authority’s priority to preserve and protect its environmentally significant landholdings and its own human resource capabilities. When visiting our various conservation areas, please pay close attention to the posted signage. There are three levels of access: Permissible Use (no permit required); Restricted Use (permit required); Prohibited (no public access). Permits are available for purchase at KCCA’s Administration Centre, or from May 1 – September 30 at the campground gatehouses. Permits are provided free of charge to members of recognized local nature and hiking organizations.

Permissive Use Areas

Permit Required Areas

Prohibited Entry

Permissive Public Use Sign
Permit Required Sign
Prohibited Entry Sign

The following areas are posted as permissive use areas. Signs contain a yellow dot. Access is at your own risk from dawn to dusk from May 1 to November 30. The sign will contain a written statement to the areas specific rules and regulations, all other activities are prohibited unless written permission is obtained from the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority.

The following areas are posted as restricted or permit required areas. The public are still encouraged to enjoy the areas, but must obtain a permit. Signs contain a red dot. Access requires a day-use permit. Even with a permit access is still at the users own risk and entry is only valid from May 1 – November 30. Prohibited activities will be listed.

Prohibited entry signs are posted in areas where public access is strictly prohibited. This may include but is not limited to dams located on Kettle Creek Conservation Authority property (Dalewood Dam, Union Pond Dam, Lake Whittaker Dam) and environmentally significant areas. Signs contain a red dot and clearly state No Trespassing.

  • Kettle Creek Dog Park
  • Dan Patterson Conservation Area (day use and hiking trails)
  • Dalewood Reservoir Trail
  • Dalewood North Trail
  • Belmont Conservation Area
  • Brentwood Crescent
  • Dalewood Campground
  • Lake Whittaker Campground
  • Lake Whittaker Hiking Trail
  • Kirk Cousins Hiking Trail


  • Dalewood Dam
  • Union Pond Dam
  • Lake Whittaker Dam
  • other environmentally significant areas


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