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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

Intention to Camp 2024

This intention to camp reserves your current seasonal site for the 2024 camping season and permits the storage of ancillary items during the off-season upon campgrounds owned and operated by the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority and is made pursuant to the Conservation Authorities Act of Ontario R.S.O. 1990 and Conservation Area Regulations made there under.

You will be required to complete the online 2024 Seasonal Camping Permit Application once available to finalize your reservation for the 2024 camping season.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. KCCA will reserve seasonal campsite # at until March 1, 2024 at which time the submission and approval of the 2024 Seasonal Camping Permit Application agreement will extend your reservation until the issuance of the 2024 seasonal camping permit.

    2. Only ancillary items, such as decks, sheds or other structures approved by the Conservation Area Coordinator are permitted to be stored upon the above noted campsite for the off-season. KCCA does not permit the storage of trailers.

    3. A minimum payment of $200 is required before 4:00pm on September 15, 2023 to accompany this agreement as per Section 5 of the Seasonal Camping Permit Application. The $200 minimum payment is non-refundable for the 2024 season.

    4. Acceptance of the Intention to Camp is at the discretion of the Conservation Area Coordinator.

    5. All ancillary items are to remain on the above noted campsite between September 30, 2023 to February 28, 2024.

    6. Arrangements for removal of ancillary items may be considered between March 1 to April 30, 2023 at the discretion of the Conservation Area Coordinator and subject to suitable ground and weather conditions.

    7. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure that the campsite is left neat and tidy, and to implement any reasonable measures for deferring or preventing vandalism or theft of the ancillary items remaining onsite.

    8. An additional minimum payment of $200 is required by March 1 as outlined in Section 5 of the Seasonal Camping Permit. An application and fees according to the fee schedule in Section 5 must be submitted to automatically extend the term of this agreement to May 1, 2024.

    9. The undersigned acknowledges and accepts that neither the Conservation Area personnel nor Kettle Creek Conservation Authority personnel are providing any type of campground security from October 1 to April 30 with respect to the use of the campground and facilities/contents thereon, including the said ancillary items, by the public.

    10. The undersigned hereby undertakes to save harmless and agrees to indemnify the Kettle Creek Conservation Authority, its successors and assigned agents any liability incurred by or attaching to it by reason of the granting of the said agreement and any works, occupancy or use undertaken or realize in accordance therewith.

    11. The Kettle Creek Conservation Authority reserves the right to revoke the agreement at any time without notice.

    12. Dalewood Conservation Only: By signing this agreement Dalewood Campers acknowledge that unused hydro deposits for 2023 will only be refunded to those campers choosing not to camp in 2024. Any balances remaining at the end of 2023 will be applied to the required hydro deposit in 2024. Hydro Deposit balances will be communicated by email by October 20, 2023.


    solemnly declare that I have read, understand, and agree to comply with all the provisions, terms and conditions stated above.

    I agree that by signing this application, I am electronically signing Section 16 - Intention to Camp.

    Email Address:


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