Conservation Areas & Recreation

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority’s (KCCA) six conservation areas all showcase the watershed’s rich array of ecosystems and habitats. In addition to a number of water-related activities at each conservation area, bird watching, disc golfing, hiking and camping opportunities are also available onsite or nearby.


Lake Whittaker Conservation Area and Dalewood Conservation Area are KCCA’s two campgrounds. While, Kirk Cousins Management Area, Dan Patterson Conservation Area, Confederation Park and Union Pond Dam are day-use facilities. Confederation Park, in Belmont and Union Pond Dam in Union are managed in cooperation with the Municipality of Central Elgin. Both areas offer modest picnic facilities; disc golf is available at Confederation Park. 

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority has five walking/hiking trails totaling over 22 kilometres, and now the Authority is making it easier for legitimate users to enjoy them. 

Starting July 4, 2014 the Authority introduced a new Access and Signage Policy allowing the public to enter certain areas and trails without a permit provided they follow the posted rules and regulations.

In the past users of all of KCCA’s properties have been required to purchase an $8 day pass or a seasonal day use pass for $75 to access the various trails and day use facilities. This pass will now only be required at the following day use areas and trails: Lake Whittaker Conservation Area Trail, Day Use and Campground; Kirk Cousins Management Area and Trail; Dalewood Conservation Area Day Use and Campground. 

Permissive Use with no permit will be allowed for the Dalewood Hiking Trail, Dan Patterson Hiking Trail, Union Pond Day Use Area for legitimate posted uses during the hours of dawn to dusk.

Conservation Areas in Kettle Creek Watershed