Fri 15 Feb 2013 03:48:42 PM EST

KCCA can help Central Elgin Residents “Green” their land

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St. Thomas - For the second year the Municipality of Central Elgin, in partnership with Catfish Creek Conservation Authority and Kettle Creek Conservation Authority, is offering tree seedlings to landowners at an affordable rate to help “green” the municipality through the Greening Central Elgin program.

“We want to continue to build on last year’s success and provide affordable trees to landowners that do not have enough area on their property to do a larger scale tree planting project. Landowners can purchase larger tree and shrub seedlings for only $1.50-$4.00/seedling,” said Lloyd Perrin, Director of Physical Services for the Municipality of Central Elgin.

In 2012 Greening Central Elgin provided almost 900 trees to eighteen landowners throughout Central Elgin.

“Planting trees is important in achieving a healthier, greener Municipality,” says Perrin. Trees clean the air, filter the water and offset carbon emissions and, in turn, help enhance the health of our children and elderly. Experts have determined that a minimum forest cover level of 25 to 30 per cent is required for a healthy ecosystem.

Currently, Central Elgin’s forest covers is approximately 17%. 

Landowners must order a minimum of 20 trees to qualify for the program.  Species available include: White spruce, Norway spruce, White cedar, White pine, Red maple, Sugar maple, Red oak, Tulip Tree, H. butternut, Black walnut, Eastern redbud and Red-osier dogwood.

For more information and to order trees, Central Elgin landowners can contact their local Conservation Authority.
Catfish Creek Conservation Authority

Kettle Creek Conservation Authority


Christina Baranik
Stewardship Program Coordinator
Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
519-631-1270 ext229